Synthetix protocol is governed, maintained and built by a combination of community members, core contributors, and several elected committees and councils that are voted on by SNX stakers. Learn more about how these governing bodies interact, what they're responsible for, and how they influence protocol improvements via SIPs, SCCPs and other work.

Governance Structure

The Synthetix governance structure is composed of Councils, Committees, Core Contributors and a DAO. Each governance component is assigned a specific aspect of protocol governance. Councils are directly elected by SNX stakers, while other governance bodies are appointed according to the existing governance procedures. All of the components work together to ensure that the protocol is governed in a fair, transparent and legitimate way in accordance with the direction provided by token holders.
Author SIPs / SCCPs
Stake SNX
Propose Grants
Elect Members
Elect Committee
Signal Priorities
Implements SIPs / SCCPs
Protocol Work
Vouch for Potential CC
Vote on SIPs / SCCPs
Feasibility & Risk Assessment
on SIPs / SCCPs
Induct Members
Pay Contributors
Manage CC Pay PackagesManage CC Roadmap & VisionNegotiate Partnerships
Hire Core Contributors
Manage Ecosystem Governance
Ecosystem Governance Participation
Advocate Ecosystem Partnership
Execute SIPs
Execute SCCPs
Sponsor Ecosystem Events
Create Initiatives
Review Grant Submissions
Pay Contributors
Execute SIPs
Reviewing SIPs Risk
Work on Grants
Propose Grants
Work on Initiatives
Provides Budget & Funding
Manage Treasury
Fund Incentives
Strategy & Deal Making

DAOs &

Community &
Core Contributors

Core Contributors
Committee (CCC)

Manage CC Pay PackagesManage CC Road Map & VisionNegotiate PartnershipsHire Core ContributorsPay Core Contributors
Signal PrioritiesImplement SIPs / SCCPsProtocol Work - General & TechnicalVouch for potential CCElect CC Committee

Core Contributors

Treasury Council

Manage TreasuryFund IncentivesStrategy & Deal MakingProvide Budget & Funding topDAO, GC, AC, SC, CCC, RC
Work on InitiativesWork on Grants

Community Contributors

Protocol DAO

Execute SIPsExecute SCCPs
Author SIPs / SCCPsStake SNXPropose GrantsElect GC, AC, SC, & TC, members

SNX Community

Spartan Council

Vote on SIPs / SCCPs Feasibility &Risk Assessment on SIPs / SCCPsInduct pDAO members

Grants Council

Sponsor Ecosystem EventsCreate InitiativesReview Grant SubmissionsPay Community Contributors

Ambassador Council

Participate & Manage Ecosystem GovernanceAdvocate Ecosystem Partnerships

Risk Committee

Creating Risk Evaluation ProcessesReviewing SIPs Risk