Synthetix Perps offers integrators deep liquidity, low fees and additional resources for building your own frontend.



perpetual futures
are a set of permissionless and decentralized smart contracts, offering
deep liquidity and low trading fees
on a range of synthetic assets.

Protocol Features

Deep Liquidity & Low Fees

All supported markets benefit from deep liquidity and low fees, thanks to the use of fully decentralized off-chain oracles and Synthetix liquidity.

Wide Variety of Assets

Synthetix Perps supports a wide array of synthetic assets, which is determined and updated by the decentralized governance process.

Revenue Share

Integrators receive a share of the fees they process, based on a volume and paid in $SNX: 10% of first $1m in fees, 7.5% for $1M - $5M, and 5% for >$5M. Protocols have discretion to use these rewards as they see fit.

Easy to Integrate


for integration guides and code samples on how to integrate Synthetix Perps.

Capital Efficient

The protocol supports leverage up to 50x on supported markets, making Synthetix Perps highly capital-efficient.

Supported Launch

There is a thriving ecosystem of integrators and related Synthetix protocols, to provide feedback, early testing and support.


Learn more about how to integrate Perps and other Synthetix markets in our developer documentation and reach out to the developer over Synthetix Discord.


Multiple front ends have chosen to integrate Synthetix’ composable and permissionless smart contracts.


Kwenta is a decentralized derivatives trading platform offering perpetual futures and options trading on Optimism. Gain exposure to a variety of crypto and real-world assets, and advanced tooling through Kwenta Smart Margin.


Polynomial is a DeFi derivatives powerhouse that offers derivatives-based products built on top of Synthetix such as perps, power perps, and vaults. It is a one-stop solution built on top of Polynomial smart contract wallets.


Decentrex is a decentralized perpetual futures exchange and leverage aggregator. On Decentrex, users have access to deep liquidity and lightning fast trades, thanks to the powerful infrastructure provided by Synthetix and Optimism.


dHEDGE is a decentralized asset management protocol. It empowers users to access high-performing vaults managed by skilled asset managers. Asset managers can utilize sophisticated DeFi instruments like Kwenta perpetual futures and Lyra options to generate returns.


Conduit is a community-centric, perpetual trading platform that provides a high performing, modular user experience. It introduces novel features that are intuitive to users, with Synthetix as the backbone. Your gateway to crypto trading.


Lyra is an option AMM that allows traders to buy and sell options on cryptocurrencies against a pool of liquidity. Lyra leverages Synthetix perpetual futures to hedge delta exposure and provide market neutral, organic yield to its liquidity providers.